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Zero Excuses Workouts


Workout Anywhere, Anytime, with Anything or Nothing Except You


Take ownership for your body and your pitching career.  When you’re on the mound your the only one who can execute the pitch so take responsibility for your preparation as it is one of the limited things you have control over.


I have been getting a lot of emails about how many obstacles people place in front of themselves when it comes to getting work done.  The most common excuses I hear are either “I don’t have $$”, “I don’t have time” and “I don’t have access to equipment needed”.   If you have a body and a place to stand then you can get something done to improve your body control, flexibility, stability, strength, and power.   Remember if you do what everyone else does then you will get what they get too.  Why leave things to “luck” or “chance”?  You can get better everyday by simply shifting your thought process and becoming a problem solver, rather than a problem dweller.  Overcome adversity in your workouts and you too can overcome adversity on the mound and in life.


You can get better by simply making a choice right now to get it done.  Workouts can be efficient and effective with no equipment, limited space, and in less “time”.  Get it done!  Here are some sample workouts you can do anywhere whether your in your hotel room, living room, backyard, basement, or anywhere else.


5 Rep Workout

5 explosive clapping push-ups

5 explosive scissors Lunges each leg

5 explosive jump squats

5 mountain climbers each leg

5 kicks each leg

5 uppercut punches each arm

5 twists each direction

5 wood choppers each direction

5 burpees

Repeat 1-5 times based upon your level of fitness


10 Second Burst Workout – how many reps can you do in 10 seconds.  Be sure to do quality reps. Focus on technique as well as speed.  Measure your results and look to improve each time.



Squats Jumps



Front kicks

Mountain Climbers

Scissors Lunges


Stability Workout- hold each position as long as you can, record it, and look to improve each time. Use a timer, stop watch, or if have nothing count.  Go beyond the shaking and just breath.  If you’re shaking  then your taking your body to new places! Take a deep breath and face the challenge head on.  Go beyond your limits, especially the ones in your mind!


Front Plank

Side Plank

Single Leg Standing – Golden Rooster

90degree push-up hold

Table Top



Every workouts is a test and every test is a workout.  If you want to improve something then be sure to measure it.  Measuring by time, distance, or reps.  All variables should also be considered because each  variable brings a new challenge or obstacle to be overcome.  If your working out in the sand vs concrete or if its raining or 100 degrees.  Record and measure training location and conditions.  The more obstacles you overcome, the more you will build your confidence.  Preparation = Confidence



Thanks for breathing,


Coach Zinger