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Top Velocity Camp 2013

This footage is from a 2013 Top Velocity Camp in Louisiana.  I had the pleasure of going to hang out with Brent Pourciau and attended his camp with Dr Dana Seltzer from It’s All in the Game Sports Center.  We learned a lot from Brent and would highly recommend you go to train with him.  He offers camps and also has guys come stay and go through his program.  One of the keys to any program and especially this one, is that you trust the process of the program and see it through to the end.  If you do this program you will improve yourself as an athlete guaranteed.

I thoroughly enjoyed my camp experience despite being very challenging and humbling at times.  After experiencing the Olympic lifts, I am excited to add them to what I am doing.  Brent’s program is very in depth and covers a lot of the little things I have used in my career to stay mostly healthy.  There is always a risk and reward from an activity.  For me, the Olympic lifts are challenging and so is pitching.  With any training program there should be balance.  Brent’s approach is very balanced and includes a lot speed and agility work, dry pitching drills, medicine ball throws, mobility work, and the Olympic lifting.  Cheers to Coach Brent and to always being a student of baseball and life.  At this camp I was exposed to a very rigorous training program that contained a lot detailed variables.  I was very impressed with Brent’s experience with his in depth understanding of video analysis.  I left the camp inspired and ready to face some new challenges.

More to come with the Top Velocity guys and Coach Brent Pourciau.

Thanks for breathing!