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“I have been working with Zinger for the last 3 years. I love all the workouts that we do and the fun too. I have learned so much from him and I have increased my velocity 10 mph. I will continue to work with Zinger for as long as I can. I would advise anyone who has been to work with him to continue to do so.”

Shane Blake

“Jon has been the personal pitching coach for my son for almost 6 yrs now. Through education of mechanics and nutrition my son has excelled in being a complete pitcher. Jon continues to enhance is own knowledge and with the help of modern technology, has a very unique way of delivering that knowledge to his students. I highly recommend Jon if your son is serious in learning the correct way to strengthen and condition his body and learn the proper way to throw to get the most out of his ability.”

Geoffrey Alexander

“Johnny has been giving me lessons now for the past 5 1/2 years and i have learned so many things from him! Not only has he taught me countless was to improve my pitching, he has taught me the mental side of things. He is more than just a coach that works on how well you throw but how to compose yourself on the mound, in the field, at the plate, and in life. he gives his 110% effort to each person her trains/helps, and will never step away from how teaching someone no matter the skill level or player. He has developed in a very good friend and more like a brother over these past 5 year! i highly recommend him to anyone that is looking to improve their pitching, attitude about the game, and nutrition to take lessons from johnny. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!”

Ryan Alexander

“Jon’s methods are fantastic! The increase in self confidence that my 13 year old exhibits is very rewarding to see. His love of the game has increased exponentially as Jon’s workouts have progressed. Obviously his pitching mechanics have improved markedly and his velocity and accuracy have also improved.”

Corey Seward

“We have known Jon for 3 years. When Alex had a sore muscle in his pitching arm, Jon was able to provide arm exercises and it was better in a week. We like Jon’s pitching techniques. He varies his program each session. He has a knack for finding the right workout to fine tune Alex’s pitching mechanics. We trust in his knowledge because of his past training and his current experiences. Jon is generous with his time and effort. He is positive and patient at every session. He has truly helped Alex get closer to his goal.”

Karen M Gilpin

“I met Zinger 3 years ago and his coaching techniques have been excellent in helping me become a better pitcher. I’ve learned that there’s the mental side of pitching as well as staying loose and relaxed, like a cannon waiting to fire. His drills, both mental and physical have shaped me into a greater pitcher each and everyday.”

Dallin Haycock

“Zinger is a truly unique individual. If it wasn’t for my brother playing for him I would have never had the pleasure. I have played baseball for 15 years and Zinger has been the only coach that has explained why you have to come in equal opposite position,lead with your hips, etc.. . How other factors off the field can effect your performance. His knowledge of the game is unmatched. Zinger makes you feel you have no limits therefore you continue to push yourself. Zinger has brought me back to the sport I love at 25 years old. I am proud to say he help me sign a professional contract. Most coaches just tell you what to do. Zinger helps you bulid off of what you personally are capable of. He is not afraid to workout with you so you never feel alone. I am a prime example of Zingers great training if you feel you or your child is at a stand still with their performance I highly recommend Zinger pitching Guru…”

Michael Nunez

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I, Jon Huizinga, aka Coach Zing, believe in a holistic approach to baseball training. For me, that means nutrition, mechanics/technique, approach, preparation, physical conditioning, mental conditioning, are all equally important for the athlete. Nutrition for me is where it all starts. Without the proper fuel it would be silly to think you will have peak performance.


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