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Jon Huizinga Pre Pitch Hypnosis

This video still gets me going!  Special thanks to Brian Cain for challenging me to focus on the next 200 feet and for his help with this video.  Checkout his website and Youtube Channel for some great mental game content.  Very thankful to have crossed paths with this guy.  I had the pleasure of watching him work with some of his UFC fighters in Las Vegas.  Their mental approach was very similar to that which we developed.   It was fun watching the master of the mental game at work.  A few of the things we focused for the pre pitching hypnosis were, Trust Your Stuff, This Pitch Mentality, So what Attitude, and Next 200 feet in front of you mindset.  The idea for the video was to recreate the feeling I had when I was on the mound and feeling good.  Watching the swings and misses or watching the ball hit the mitt creates that visual and made me feel just like I was on the mound.  Being able to mentally rehearse and visualize pitches changed the way I performed and how I prepared.  The music also helped to recreate the feeling of throwing that sinker, split finger, breaking ball, or changeup anywhere and anytime I watched it.

Here is a picture from the UFC  zinger cain ufc








Good time and sure learned a lot.  Questions on how to develop your mental approach?  Or if you would like your own pre pitching video send an email to