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Happy to announce that Coach Zinger App is now available in your app store.

Now Available

Special thanks to brothers Chris and Greg Whitcoe for designing the App.  Also to all of my coaches and teammates who helped teach me along the way.  This App was designed for students of the great game of baseball.  Especially for those who are willing to work everyday to get a little better at what they do.  We will be adding weekly content and are committed to helping you get one step closer to your baseball dreams.  Thanks for breathing! -Coach Zinger


To checkout our first course Coach Zinger’s Top 9 Bodyweight Exercises go to the Coach Me tab.

More courses to come including pitch grips, bullpens, pitching training, mental conditioning, food as fuel, and more …

We hope your enjoy the app as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you.  Please give us your feedback