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Clayton Tanner Testimonial

This guy is a true champion pitcher and excellent teammate.  He competes and has nasty nasty stuff.  All the best!

Clayton Tanner

Clayton Tanner

Humbled by these words from Clayton.

“I have played baseball for over 20 years with the last 7 of those being at the professional level. This last year, I was fortunate enough to have Zinger not only as my pitching coach but also as my teammate. In baseball you come across a lot of pitching coaches that know the game, but don’t have the ability to teach the “how to” part to their players. Jon is not one of those coaches. His ability to explain what he is teaching, as well as how to physically make the adjustment, is unmatched. He will make you an all around better athlete, as he focuses not only on the mechanics, but also the nutrition and mental side of the game. For the last couple of years, I have known what I needed to do to take the next step but I was unable to figure out how to take that step. After working with Zinger for only a couple of weeks, I started to take huge strides forward. I became more in tune with my body and was able to make the necessary changes to my mechanics pitch to pitch. I would highly recommend Jon to players of all ages. He will help improve your baseball skills, in addition to making you an all around better player.” – Clayton Tanner

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