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October 17-19 Classes

October 17-19 Classes This week's classes will be Monday and Wednesday evening 7-830 PM These classes will involve pitching training and athleticism work.  We will cover, mental practice, breath work, active warm up, med ball training, pitching tunnel training,...

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AZ Fuel Baseball Development

AZ Fuel Baseball Development We focus on developing the athlete and developing baseball fundamentals thru dry drills, practice reps, live reps, and situations. Here's a couple videos. Stay tuned for more thru the Coach Zinger App.   We are here to help you get the...

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Top Velocity Camp 2013

Top Velocity Camp 2013 This footage is from a 2013 Top Velocity Camp in Louisiana.  I had the pleasure of going to hang out with Brent Pourciau and attended his camp with Dr Dana Seltzer from It's All in the Game Sports Center.  We learned a lot from Brent and would...

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Coach Zinger App

Happy to announce that Coach Zinger App is now available in your app store.   To checkout our first course Coach Zinger's Top 9 Bodyweight Exercises go to the Coach Me tab. More courses to come including pitch grips, bullpens, pitching training, mental conditioning,...

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Coach Joe Fletcher

Coach Joe Fletcher had a large impact on my pitching career. We first met when I was pitching in high school and my high school coach, Mike Paul, introduced us. He gave me a piece of tubing and showed me some exercises. He challenged me to add to my training. The next...

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Coach Ron Wolforth

Coach Ron Wolforth I have had the pleasure of getting to hang out with Coach Ron Wolforth a few times.  Ron is a top notch human and outstanding coach.  We had some great discussion and a killer workout.  One of the biggest things Ron preaches is measuring things so...

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Wade Morrison Testimonial

"I have known Zinger for a while now, and I have never met someone as excited to learn about the game as he is. Whether you are looking for better mechanics, better workouts, better nutrition, or better mentality, he is a great resource to have in your corner. Thanks...

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Clayton Tanner Testimonial

Clayton Tanner Testimonial This guy is a true champion pitcher and excellent teammate.  He competes and has nasty nasty stuff.  All the best! Humbled by these words from Clayton. "I have played baseball for over 20 years with the last 7 of those being at the...

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Pitching Tunnels

Pitching Tunnels are changing the way pitchers train. Pitching Tunnels give the pitchers feedback so they can make the pitch to pitch adjustments they need to maximize their potential on the mound. The tapered nets have helped our pitchers throw more strikes than ever...

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Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and Veggies This weekend I learned of a new website that helps to educate us on how many cups of fruits and vegetables we should be eating based upon our age and activity levels.  This site also explains what benefits fruits and vegetables have.  Along with...

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Instinctive Arm Slots

Should pitchers be allowed to be athletes or should we clone them to all be the same?  To me the answer is obvious.  Let pitchers throw from their instinctive arm slots.  Today, I am going to share a few ideas why I think it is potentially harmful for coaches to try...

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The Raw Natural

Show your support for The Raw Natural. Checkout the trailer! Checkout The Raw Natural article featured on Natural News: Please help by...

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Zero Excuses Workout

Zero Excuses Workouts   Workout Anywhere, Anytime, with Anything or Nothing Except You   Take ownership for your body and your pitching career.  When you're on the mound your the only one who can execute the pitch so take responsibility for your preparation as it is...

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Pitching Lesson from Bruce Lee

Quite often I have come across the parent or young pitcher who thinks there is one way to throw a baseball or that getting informatoin from more than one source may be confusing.  They pose the question of how to deal with coaches who only believe in their one way or...

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Pre Pitch Hypnosis

Jon Huizinga Pre Pitch Hypnosis This video still gets me going!  Special thanks to Brian Cain for challenging me to focus on the next 200 feet and for his help with this video.  Checkout his website and Youtube Channel for some great mental game content.  Very...

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Jon Huizinga Saints Highlight Video

Jon Huizinga Saints Highlight Video Click this link Jon Huizinga Saints Highlight Video Here is a highlight video from 2007 Season with the St Paul Saints in the American Association.  Jon Huizinga was used primariliy in the 7th and 8th inning setup role.  He is...

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I, Jon Huizinga, aka Coach Zing, believe in a holistic approach to baseball training. For me, that means nutrition, mechanics/technique, approach, preparation, physical conditioning, mental conditioning, are all equally important for the athlete. Nutrition for me is where it all starts. Without the proper fuel it would be silly to think you will have peak performance.


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